250ml Amber Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser Bottle

SKU CODE: 736542354331
R 280.00

This fabulous glass foam dispenser is an ingenious way to make your liquid soaps last longer!

Simply pour a small amount of liquid soap into the bottom and fill the remaining space with water and gently mix to combine the liquids. The premium stainless steel pump dispenses a luxurious, rich foam. Equally, you could pour your On Guard® concentrated soap into these foaming soap bottles too.

Alternatively, this item includes a FREE digital download with several recipe suggestions and instructions on how to create your own essential oil-infused all-natural foaming soap. It is also ideal for making up your own foaming facial wash - give it a go.

The bottle comes boxed with a removable black silicone sleeve at the base, to stop the bottle from moving around on your surface, and the dispensing head is made from stainless steel. Designed to complement any kitchen or bathroom and a fun way to encourage kids to wash their hands!

Does not include vinyl, they are available to purchase separately HERE

If you wish to adorn your bottle with decorative vinyl, what a way to showcase your gorgeous bottles than with one of our vinyl stickers which you can apply to your bottle to give it that extra beauty and to match other bottles around your home.

Note: Not appropriate to use liquid soaps that contain beadlets as they will clog the foaming dispenser.